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PowerSchool Mobile App Mobile Anywhere Access to Real-Time Student Data for Parent and Students

PowerSchool Mobile is available to Parents and Students to download for free as a combined Parent and Student App from the App Store for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch, or on Google Play for Android devices.

Apple App Store


Parents, guardians, and students have quick access to: GPA, class overview, assignments due, graded assignments, attendance, school bulletins, meal balance, and fees.



Parents, guardians, and students can easily access the class list from their mobile device and get real-time updates on absences, grades, and more

PowerSchool Account


Access PowerSchool Mobile from Android and iOS devices, including Apple Watch. Pay fees, read bulletins, and view student progress for all of your children with one parent or guardian account.

The PowerSchool Mobile App gives parents and students instant access to information they need to stay up-to-date on student grades, performance, and attendance.


Receive real-time push notifications with updates about scores and attendance.
Receive email notifications for assignments, teacher comments, daily bulletins, schedules, and fee transactions.
Access all of your children in one portal
View grades, assignments, attendance, GPA, and more
View announcements from schools
Designed for iPhones/iOS, tablets, and Google/Android devices