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Tuba City Elementary School Tuba City Elementary Expectations

We strive to make Tuba City Elementary school a calm and safe environment for student learning. Meeting these expectations goes a long way to make going to school a pleasant experience for all students and staff.
Within The School
Sports & Play
Breakfast & Lunch

Bathroom Expectations

(1) POLITE: Give others privacy and use quiet voices. (2) RESPONSIBILITY: Flush toilets and wash your hands  (3) IN CONTROL: Keep hands and feet to yourself.  (4) DO YOUR BEST: Do your business and return to class promptly  (5) EARN AND GIVE RESPECT: Keep restrooms clean at all times

Classroom Expectations

(1) PARTICIPATE & BE PREPARED: Arrive on time with necessary learning material.  Engage in all activities.  (2) RESPECTFUL:  Treat peers, staff and building with dignity and respect.  (3) INTEGRITY:  Be honest, take responsibility for your actions and apologize.  (4) DO YOUR BEST: Never give up!  (5) ENGAGE, EXCEL & ENJOY!

Hallway Expectations

(1) Hands and feet to yourself  (2) All eyes forward  (3) Low volume  (4) Low speed  (5) Stay in line and stop at corners

Playground Expectations

(1) Sit down on swings and spinning wheel.  (2) Use both hands when climbing.  (3) Avoid walking in front of the swings.  (4) Avoid pushing and shoving.  (5) Tag is NOT allowed on equipment.

Basketball Courts Expectations

(1) Stay off fencing.  (2) Sit on benches  (3) Avoid throwing objects over fencing.  (4) Be mindful of students playing basketball.  (5) Never hang or swing on the basketball rim.

Student Assembly Expectations

(1) Enter into line quietly.  (2) Use the stairs to go to assigned area.  (3) Be respectful to the speaker.  (4) stop & listen when you hear Spirit Claps.  (5) Exit by row and in line with your teacher.

Staff Assembly Expectations

(1) Restroom break before assembly.  (2) Divide class in two rows.  (3) Monitor your class.

Student Breakfast Expectations

(1) Wash hands.  (2) Line up to eat.  (3) Eat your own food quietly.  (4) Clean up.  (5) Sit in your assigned area.

Student Lunch Expectations

(1) Wash hands & wait at the tables.  (2) Line up by 5.  (3) Eat your own food quietly.  (4) Clean up.  (5) Sit at your table or assigned area and wait for your teacher.

Staff Breakfast Expectations

(1) Be on time.  (2) Enforce Procedure  (3) Be observant.

Staff Lunch Expectations

(1) Enforce hallway procedures.  (2) Follow cafeteria expectations.  (3) Pick up students on time.  K-1: 11:40AM  Grades 2-3: 12:10PM, Grades 4-5: 12:40PM.