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Tuba City Elementary School Letters From the Principal

TCES-PrincipalMy name is Sophia Begody and this will be my second year as the principal at Tuba City Elementary School.  I am originally from Tuba City, Az. My maternal clan is Red House, I am born for Edgewater, my maternal grandfather’s clan is Bitterwater, and my paternal grandfather’s clan are the Reed People. I have attended the Tuba City Unified School District from grades K-12 and a proud alumna of the Tuba City High School Warriors. I have been an educator within our school district for 16 years total. Eleven of those years were spent in the classroom and serving in leadership positions as a teacher.

I am looking forward to seeing our students in-person this year.  We have so much to look forward to, just to name a few…we have onboarded a few new teachers, new staff, we have a new soccer field, and new programs.  We have also adopted a new vision, mission, and motto.  Just as our mission states, we will strive to be transparent, compassionate, and positive.  Cultivating our students and families is essential to growing and sustaining our future through our students.  I ask that you join in this mission and to help us help our future Warriors.

I should probably mention my three blessings, who are my children: Christian, Justiss, and Justin, all who are proud Tuba City High School Warrior alumni, as well. I am delighted to give credit to them for instilling motivation and perseverance in me for going above and beyond the limits I set for myself. With that, I have instilled the importance of education into their hearts. I am excited to see where their paths lead them, as my own was a much unexpected one, regardless, I loved every bit of the journey.

Finally, I want to share that I embrace the loyalty and dedication of TCUSD very close to heart, especially to our students. I am confident in both my skills set and dedication to the Tuba City Unified School District Culture and amongst our stakeholders. We will continue to build a rich and cultivating learning community at Tuba City Elementary School. I am eager to meet every student and family new and returning to the Tuba City Elementary School.

Kind Regards,

Sophia Begody, Tuba City Elementary School Principal