Tsinaabaas Habitiin Staff Directory

Office Staff

Sophia Begody


Email: sbegody@tcusd.org
Schoology: sbegody@tcwarriors.net
P: 928-283-1092

Jane Homer


Email: jhomer@tcusd.org
Schoology: jhomer@tcwarriors.net
P: (928) 283-1090


Teresa Nez

K-1st Grade

Email: tlnez@tcusd.org
Schoology: tlnez@tcwarriors.net

Natalie Tsinnijinnie

2nd – 3rd Grade

Email: nTsinnijinnie@tcusd.org
Schoology: ntsinnijinnie@tcwarriors.net

Kayla Hanks

4th grade

Email: khanks@tcusd.org
Schoology: khanks@tcwarriors.net

Navajo Language Instructors

Lola Begay

K-4th grade Navajo Teacher

Email: lBegay@tcusd.org
Schoology: lbegay@tcwarriors.net

Specials Teachers

Clarence Pesodas

P.E. Teacher

Email: cpesodas@tcusd.org
Schoology: cpesodas@tcwarriors.net

Phillip McCabe

Technology Teacher

Schoology: pmccabe@tcwarriors.net

Maria Ferrer

Music Teacher

Email: mferrer@tcusd.org
Schoology: mferrer@tcwarriors.net

Ernestine Begay

Science Teacher

Email: Embegay@tcusd.org
Schoology: embegay@tcwarriors.net

More THES Staff

Candis Yazzie

NAU AmeriCorps VISTA Member

Email: cyazzie@tcusd.org
Schoology: cyazzie@tcwarriors.net

Tami Dugi


Email: tdugi@tcusd.org
Schoology: tdugi@tcwarriors.net

Kristen Cole

Speech Language Pathologist

Email: kcole@tcusd.org
Schoology: kcole@tcwarriors.net

Bessi Willie


Email: bwillie@tcusd.org
Schoology: bwillie@tcwarriors.net

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