Thanksgiving Break at TCES

Allanah Yazzie’s Turkey Disquise
What Elise Klain is Proud of.
Tyler Manygoats’ Journal
Shundeen Begay Disquises a Turkey
Nicholas Begay’s Creativity
Baily Schultz’s Proud Journal
Tylor Manygoats Knows How to Disquise Turkeys
Aden Begay’s Artful Turkey
What Mia Yazzie is Proud of
Adrienne Claw’s Creative Turkey
Randall Norcross Writes to His Pride Journal
Here is What Shaundeen Norcross is Proud of.
Bryce Des’ Rosiers Journaled This.
Can You Find Bryce’s Turkey?
Mia Yazzie’s Turkey is There Somewhere!

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