Myles Beam | Tuba City Unified School District #15

Mr. Beam’s Online Learning Classes

May 18 - 22
May 4 - 8

English 9

I continue to hope you are in good physical and mental health. Hopefully we can work through this pandemic and get back to some normality this summer and beyond.

This week we are focusing on grammar: singular/plural nouns, homophones, homographs and homonyms. I have attached updated grammar notes. For your final exam in two weeks you will use these notes. You will only be tested on 1-8 (parts of speech) and 13 (plural/sing nouns) and 15 (homo -nyms, -graphs, -phones).

Next week, we will finish our semester lecture and practice with Literature Terms. Then the following week will be the end of the school year. I will send the Final Exam for you to take. I will also attach an answer key so you can self-check yourself.

Please email me if you have any questions. I wish all of you strength, wellness and good fortune. Continue to use this unprecedented time to improve your individual and familial lives. Always Think, Learn, Live and Evolve.

Myles L. Beam


April 27 - May 1

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