Marek Danielewski | Tuba City Unified School District #15

Mr. M. Danielewski’s Lessons

April 20 - 24

Drawing/Painting Lesson

Objective:  Upon reading completion of the “Perspective Booklet” you should be acquainted with the concept of drawing cityscapes through the use of perspective. We are also going to be exploring gothic architecture.
 In this project you will be responsible for creating a single moment, a “shot,” of Gotham City.  When considering what kind of “Gotham” this is going to be for Batman- think (most likely) not happy and sunny.
More the words that should come to mind are:

street lights,
rain clouds,
mysterious and

Could it be considered that just an image of Gotham City can in itself be a foe or friend to Batman?
How would Batman perceive Gotham City?

Tip: Your style and ideas are very much appreciated!! You don’t have to make this look like the comic/movies!
Media- Charcoal, Paper 8.5” x 11”, Pencil, ball pen

Principles- Perspective, cityscape design

References- Movie : Youtube – ; booklet on Perspective (use this to your advantage), videos on Gothic architecture: Architects of the Divine: The First Gothic Age

Elements- Line, Shading, Proportion, Gothic Architecture, Perspective

April 6-10

Painting-Drawing Lesson – Dragon

Objective: In this assignment it is your mission to imagine a Dragon that represents your biggest fear. A fear so great that it would keep you away from the Treasure your Dragon guards

Media- Drawing Class:  pencil, paper 8.5” x 11”, or larger if you have it
Painting Class: (optional if you have the materials)
black and white paint, Watercolor paper 30”x 38”, if you have the materials- you may use Crayons

Principles- Formulation of own idea, encourage creative process/thinking

References- no direct references as not to influence ideas of Dragon creation, purpose is to create tangible visual artwork from memory

Step 1: We start this project by watching a short presentation on dragons: Top 10 Dragons from Mythology Link:
Top 10 Dragons from mythology

Step 2: Work on your final image – Due Date April 10th, 2020

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