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Ms. Herbert’s Preschool Activities

May 18 - 22

Hello Preschool Parents and students!

Wishing you a beautiful week! This would have been our last prek week and it’s bittersweet for us all.  Once we are able to enter the building,  I’ll be collecting all the belongings for your child (nap blankets,  etc) and contact you for pick up. I’ll also send out prek diplomas over the summer.  I’m sorry we couldn’t do a graduation ceremony.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate your child’s education achievements at home.
With summer coming,  I wanted to include some outdoor activities! Outdoor learning is awesome!

I miss you all! Kiss your brains and love you all!

Lead CTE ECE PREK Teacher 🙂
Tuba City High School

May 4 - 8

Happy May! Hello Preschool Parents & Students!

May has arrived!

This week I wanted to include craft ideas for Mother’s Day. To celebrate all you wonderful mothers!
I also included play-doh Activities for learning. Preschoolers love working with playdough. There’s so much squeezing, pressing, poking, and rolling going on. While they are having fun with their creations, they are building important skills, such as fine motor and pre-writing. You can purchase playdoh at stores or make your own.  My personal favorite is kool- aid playdoh. Here’s the recipe:

1 Cup Flour
¼ Cup Salt
1 Packet Kool-Aid
⅔ Cup Water *You will end up using between ½ and ⅔ cup.
1 Tb. Oil
Mix the flour, the salt, and the Kool-Aid together.
Boil the water.
Add the oil to the water.
Pour some of the water into the dry ingredients and mix with a spoon. Keep adding water and work the dough until the color is uniform and feels like playdough.
*Don’t feel like you need to use the full ⅔ Cup water. The amount you’ll use will be between ½ and ⅔ of a cup. Store the playdough in an air tight bag or these small containers. This recipe will fill 6 {2 oz.} mini cups

Playdoh can be incorporated into counting,  alphabet, and even storytelling as you make fun characters for stories. We use our playdoh for creations of animals or imaginary characters.
I hope your all safe and healthy! Take care! Kiss your brains! Stay Awesome!

Ms. Catrina Herbert

Lead CTE ECE PREK Teacher 🙂
Tuba City High School

April 27 - May 1

Hello Preschool Parents!

Hoping you are all safe and healthy!


This week I wanted to share some counting activities to do at home.  Making number connections to items is a huge help in kindergarten.  Have your child help count vegetables you washed,  apples you put into a basket,  or even socks you washed.  Counting and numbers are huge part of our world! Even measuring,  matching,  sorting,  comparing, are all math elements you can definitely do at home.

In addition,  I attached a site for free yoga cards or yoga ideas for little ones.  Yoga is a beautiful way to tune in with your body and calm after a busy day or non-busy day.  For little ones,  it helps with coordination and self esteem.

Preschool Counting Activities | Kid’s Yoga

Kiss your brains! Stay Awesome!
Love your teacher,  Ms. Herbert

April 20 - 24

Hi Preschool Parents! Wishing you a great week.

This week I am sending some fun alphabet activities to promote letter identification. I’ve also attached indoor physical activities to promote movement.  This week I want to encourage physical activities,  even walking around the yard and listening to music helps growth & self esteem. YOUTUBE kid friendly dance music can also be fun!

I am missing you all!

Kiss your brains! STAY AWESOME!

Ms. Catrina Herbert

Lead CTE ECE PREK Teacher 🙂
Tuba City High School


18 Super Fun Preschool Alphabet Games

Preschoolers love games, so why not build some skills at the same time?
April 13 - 17

Hello Preschool Parents!

I am hoping you are well this week!  This week I have some links to help recognize shapes, fun crafts with paper plates,  and science activities with home materials. Spring season is here! We’ve planted sunflowers at home! What are you guys doing?

Creativity is the spark of learning and any craft your child makes is meaningful to them.  I know it’s hard to access materials,  so markers, paint,  and stickers will do for any crafting fun. This week,  I painted rocks with my children and it was so fun! That’s something you may find enjoyable as well.

Don’t forget to wash your hands! Keep safe!
Kiss your brains! Stay AWESOME!

Ms. Catrina Herbert

Lead CTE ECE PREK Teacher 🙂
Tuba City High School


Spring Science Ideas | Learning Shapes | Paper Plate Crafts

April 6 - 10

Hi Preschool Parents!

Hoping you are healthy and safe this week! This week I’ve attached a list of fine motor activities for home & a website with free educational printables for preschool.  Kindergarten will be around soon and I had parents message on how they can help their child get ready.  Name writing is a big help in Kindergarten,  so I attached a link to promote fun name activities.
During these times,  we forgot our little ones can form stress on not understanding how our world has changed. So please take advantage of any resources to help talk to your child.  Play feel good music and dancing to  help uplift them. A  YouTube channel, I would recommend is SUPER SIMPLE SONGS. Cooking with your child can also uplift their self esteem.  There are fun recipes on the web that are preschool friendly.  Send me pictures of your food creations at  and I would love to share on our site, and dont forgot to attach your recipe!


I miss you all! Kiss Your brains! Keep AWESOME!


Free Printables for Preschoolers | Fine Motor Activities for Home | 20 Name Activities

March 30 - April 6

Hey Preschool Parents!

Today I wanted to share a storybook about COVID-19. Hopefully it will help my little ones understand the sickness and the importance of handwashing.  I reached out to most of you through Text this morning.  I will be updating this portion of online preschool learning weekly.

I also wanted you know,  you can also take advantage of grab and go food services provided by TCUSD.

I also wanted to send out, free for a month and great site without too many pesky ads.

I miss you guys! Please be safe & handwash!
Kiss your brains & your sooo awesome!

Ms. Herbert


Covid-19 Storybook | ABCMouse

March 23 - 27

Hi my preschool parents!

I miss you guys! Hope your doing well! Please keep up our handwashing methods at home.  I wanted to share some activities to do at home to encourage: language,  counting,  sorting,  colors,  etc. There’s also a cool craft on the butterfly life cycle!


Lifecycle of a butterfly | 20+ Toddler Sorting Activities | Building Math Skills at Home

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