Tuba City High School

Student Help

I Need an iPad

If you haven’t received an iPad from TCUSD already, call our front office at 928.283.1050 and make arrangements to get one. If your child is withdrawing/transferring, you must return the iPad to the high school.

I Don't Have Internet Access

Please inform a staff member at the Tuba City High School:

  • Front office: 928.283.1050
  • Debbie Brodie (Attendance Clerk)  928.283.1039
  • Loretta Eltsosie (Assistant Principal)  928.283.1057
  • Raye Lynn McCabe (Principal)  928.283.1052

TCHS Counselors:

  • Josef Barriga (Seniors)  928.283.1118
  • Debbie Yellowman (Juniors)  928.283.1119
  • Cheryl Onsae (Freshman)  928.283.1164
I Need Help With My iPad

If you are having trouble with your iPad or login, the Tuba City Unified School District has various resources to help. You can call the Help Desk @ 928.283.1108 or email techsupport@tcusd.org or visit our Technology Department website at: https://tcusd.org/tcusd-tech-department/

How do I log into the iPad with my new Google account

Your new Google Account username criteria should be: Student’s first initial&last initial + birth month + birthday@tcwarriors.net

How Do I Log In to Schoology?

Step by step instructions can be found HERE

How Do I Log In to Performance Matters?

Instructions can be found HERE

How Do I Join a Zoom Meeting on My iPad?

Detailed instructions can be found HERE

I Need Help with MiFi

Instructions to connect can be found HERE

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