Tuba City High School

TCHS Chess Team Heads to State

TCHS won their first round against Glendale HS by the score 3-2. It was a close match.

Go Warriors!!

Great news! Our TCHS chess team won their second round against Perry HS (6A) school out of Gilbert, AZ. By the score of 3-2.. We still have three more rounds tomorrow.

Go Warriors chessmen and Warrior chesslady..

Our TCHS chess team lost a nail-biter to University/Ricon out of Tucson by score of 2-3.. There paired against Northland Prep the 4th round..

Let’s get this one warriors..

3rd round TCHS lost a close match to University/Ricon by the score of 2-3. 4th round TCHS lost to Northland Prep Academy by the score of 1-4. The last round TCHS beat Central HS by score of 3-2. Overall we won 3 rounds and lost 2 rounds.. TCHS finished 11th place out of 26 teams who qualify from their respective regions. I would like to say thanks to my seniors Kherwin Taquiso and Kyle Morales for playing on the team for the past 3 years. Britton Hardy only played one year.
Levi Angelo Decolongon and Ethan De Guzman and Jeremiah Walters are juniors. One sophomore Levi Adrian Decolongon, a well talented player will return next year. Rain Keetso, Quintin Edison, Aedhan Yonnie, EJ Bitsinnie, Alejandro Pacheco, Darryll Dale, Jace Saganitso, Damon Yazzie, Ian Riggs, Justin Dasher II are all freshmen and they will be all coming back next year.. Again thank you for being on the team..
TCHS Chess team and l would like to thank Mrs. Carmen Tsingine Honyouti , Nicole Tsingine for coordinating the send off on Friday morning. Thank you TCHS staffs for your support. TCHS administration Ms. Raylynn McCabe and Mrs. Loretta Eltsosie for your support. Thank you Althetic Director James Roe and AD secretary Raquelynn Curley for your support. Business office staff Jamie Acothley, Serena Whiterock, Miranda Coin and Leah Begay. TCUSD transportation department for transporting our chess team members to the tournaments. Thank you tuba city community and TCHS students body..
I would like to recognize two individuals that donated chess shirts to the team. Mrs. Crystal Yazzie and family and Melissa Shepard Blackhair of Blackhair Designs .. Thank you so much! I would also like a special thanks to my wife Mae for letting me coach TCHS chess team.
Thank you  from Coach Mike Belinte
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