Tuba City Elementary School

Principal’s Corner

Dear Tuba City Elementary School Families,

As the principal of Tuba City Elementary School I look forward to getting to know each and every parent and child that make up our community. I am honored to lead the dedicated teachers and staff in continued academic excellence in the upcoming school year 2020-2021.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Marengo, Iowa the son of a high school teacher  (father) and nurse (mother).  I had my schooling in a small farming town in Northeast Iowa.  I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa in Elementary Education, my master’s degree from Northern Arizona University as well as my doctorate in Educational Leadership.  I moved to Tuba City in 1996 and began my teaching career.  I have taught 14 years with Tuba City Unified School District and this will be my eleventh year as a principal. In addition to my time spent working with students, I am an avid sports fan and enjoy spending time with my two sons and daughter in the outdoors. Some of the activities that we enjoy together are swimming, camping, hiking, and taking family trips to the beach for surfing.

I am eager and excited to continue and develop my partnership with the Tuba City Elementary School community to continue to provide the best educational opportunities possible to our students. Go Lil’ Warriors!

 Kind regards,

Dr. Justin Roberson

My goal for 2020-2021 is:

  • To be visible, accessible and responsive virtually to students, staff and families virtually or in person with social distancing.

My strategies and action plan to reach this goal are:

  • Do weekly check-ins with fidelity and immediate feedback (visible) to staff, students and families virtually hold me accountable.
  • Maximize virtual meetings for staff and families (accessible) let me know if I can be of assistance..
  • Respond to emails and phone calls within 12 hours (responsive) I can always use reminders.
  • Resend continuous school improvement plan and progress monitor with leadership team. (visible, accessible, responsive)

The results:

  • More time on task for students, effort given.
  • More effective and efficient teaching, learning.
  • Increased AZ Merit, Power School Assessment and STEEP scores. (student achievement)
  • A/B rated TCES.

Ideas are welcome…I look forward to working toward school-wide goals in 2020-2021!

The Principal’s Documents

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Powerpoint presentation covering Chapter 3; Second Agreement: “Don’t take anything personally” by Don Miguel Ruiz

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