Navajo Language & Culture Program

The Navajo Language and Culture Program is unique in that it focuses on developing students holistically using a foundation of learning called the Din4 Educational Philosophy (DEP) and the Empowering Values of the Din4. This empowers students to establish a stable foundation which enables them to function effectively in any society.

Navajo Language Teachers

Mrs. Ella Bedonie

P: 928-283-

Mr. Royd Lee

P: 928-283-

Mrs. Susie Store

P: 928-283-

Ms. Violet Tso

P: 928-283-

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Curriculum 4-Quarter Plan

Teaching Standards Level: Kindergarten
(Some Standards are different from 2nd-5th Grade)

  • Identify people and objects based on oral and written description.
  • Identify family members and community members through oral descriptions. (father, mother, school principal, teacher, custodian)
  • Greet people, make small talk and close conversation.
  • Demonstrate formal greetings and small talk when meeting school personnel.  (hello, good morning, handshake, my name is __, what about you, good bye with a hand wave)
  • Give and follow simple instruction, ask and answer questions.
  • Give a simple command such as “please hand me a __” and ask a simple question. (Give me the pencil, Give me the glue)
  • Participate in a school or community celebration.
  • Participate in a school celebration.
  • Express likes and dislikes. 
  • Respond to Navajo question in Navajo:  favorite food, clothes, season etc.  (I like apples, I don’t like corn)
  • Identify and describe a variety of objects from the cultures, e.g., toys, dress, buildings, foods. 
  • Identify and describe a Hogan, foods or traditional girl’s dress and traditional boys clothing.
  • Explore topics related to other subjects in the Navajo Language including weather terms, math facts, measurements, animals or geographical concepts. 
  • List Navajo names for types of weather.
  • Present description or familiar people, places and things to a group. 
  • Orally present a short story or song (i.e., pets, the four sacred mountains, etc.) to the class.
  • Read and recite short poems or stories with appropriate expressions.
  • Act out their favorite Navajo story. (Can be done in a small group.
  • Read or listen to and talk about age-appropriate folk tales, short stories, poems and song that are written for native speakers. 
  • Discuss Navajo folk tales.  (Coyote Tosses the Stars)
  • Comprehend the main ideas and identify the principal characters of short stories or children’s literature. 
  • Identify main characters, ideas and retell the story in sequence.
  • Make basic comparisons between the celebration of the target and their own culture (e.g., Halloween and Dia de los Muertos; Bastille Day and Independence Day)
  • Compare Navajo celebration with other cultures (compare Baby’s first laugh and Anglo Baby’s 1st Birthday
  • Recognize that cultures have artifacts such as symbols, advertisement and songs that serve similar purposes.
  • Describe by identifying an artifact (something from history such as viewed in the Culture Center – pottery, traditional basket, moccasin, etc.)


8:15am – Reteach/Enrichment
9:00am – First Grade
9:40am – Kindergarten
10:45am – Third Grade
12:50pm – Second Grade
1:30pm – Fifth Grade

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