Tuba City Elementary School

1st Grade Curriculum

Welcome to first Grade. We are very excited to begin the school year. First Grade is a very exciting year for your student.  TCUSD is a Beyond Textbooks school district.  Your student will have the opportunity to gain knowledge in all core subject areas but with the help of technology and cooperative learning groups.  In first grade, you student will have the opportunity to test their endurance with cross-country.

Arizona’s English Language Arts Standards for First Grade

  • Read purposefully and actively
  • Ask and answer key questions about a text, such as who, what, when, where, why and how
  • Retell stories, focusing on the main idea
  • Use key details to describe the characters, setting and major events in a story
  • Identify who is narrating the story
  • Ask and answer questions about the world around them
  • Retell key details of an informational text, focusing on the main idea
  • Use the illustrations in a text to help explain its main idea
  • Identify and us text features such as headings, tables, glossaries and icons
  • Identify reasons an author gives to support an idea
  • Recognize and orally manipulate sounds
  • Blend sounds to read written words with accuracy and fluency
  • Read and recognize sight words, word endings, and different kinds of syllable types
  • Read with purpose and understanding


  • Write opinion and explanatory pieces, supplying reasons to support ideas
  • Write stories with sequenced events and details that indicate what happened in the story
  • Participate in shared research projects
  • Recall information from experience or learning to answer a question
  • Explore digital tools for effective communication
  • Generate ideas for writing from reading stories, poems, and informational texts
  • Make connections across content areas into the world around them
  • Write all manuscript letters to communicate ideas
  • Use correct spelling for words allowing others to understand written work
  • Correctly spell frequently used words
  • Apply phonetic knowledge when writing


  • Listen actively
  • Participate in discussions with peers and adults
  • Ask and answer questions about texts and presentations to clarify understanding
  • Integrate reading skills to present ideas, thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways
  • Use a variety of nouns, verbs, and adjectives to express ideas
  • Produce and build on complete sentences
  • Capitalize dates and names of people


  • Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.
  • Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationshipbetween addition and subtraction.
  • Add and subtract within 10.
  • Work with addition and subtraction equations.
  • Extend the counting sequence.
  • Understand place value.
  • Use place value understanding and properties to add and subtract.
  • Measure lengths indirectly and by iterating length units.
  • Work with time and money.
  • Represent and interpret data.
  • Reason with shapes and their attributes

Tardy Policy

Students must report to the office for a late pass when arriving to school after 8:00 a.m..  The late pass ensures the student’s name will be removed from the absentee report.

Atendance Policy

Regular attendance is necessary for maximum growth and essential for school success.  Therefore, parents and school together share the responsibility for regular attendance.  In addition, regular school attendance is required by state law which mandates that all student absences are recorded.

First Grade Teachers

Miss Williams
Psychology and Family/Human Development Bachelor’s degrees and a Masters” degree from NAU in Elementary Education. Raised in Tuba City.

Mrs. Yazzie
Elementary of ED. degree from NAU.  Navajo, born and raised in Tuba City.

Ms. Parrish
Associates of Applied Science in Early Childhood and Art, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Masters in Multicultural Education.  Navajo.

Ms. Jensen
Elementary Degree from NAU and Masters from ASU and working on second Masters Degree. Half Hopi – Half Navajo and born and raised in Tuba City.

First Grade Daily Schedule

coming soon

Grade One Supply List

  • 4- Composition Notebooks (marble black & white)
  • 3-packages of #2 pencils (not mechanical)
  • 1-one inch binder
  • 4-pocket folders (any color)
  • 2-packages EXPO/Dry erase markers
  • 1-pack of red & blue pens
  • 1-package of pencil eraser caps
  • 1-box of 24 crayons
  • 1-package of glue sticks (4-pack)
  • 1-pair of scissors
  • 1-large box of tissue
  • 1-tube of disinfecting wipes
  • 1-bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 1-POST-IT notes

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