Tuba City High School

Sports Physicals and Immunizations

Dear  administrators/athletic directors at Local schools:
Hope you are enjoying the summer and hope we will get kids back into school soon.
Want to make sure you know that we at the hospital are open for appointments for sports physicals and for well child and teen visits as well as our usual operations-  we know that many families are traveling this summer but we hope to get people into clinic NOW so there is not a big rush before fall sports start and we cannot clear kids for practice or play without being seen.
I don’t know if you have a way of contacting families to let them know “Don’t wait until the end of July rush!”
Please call the call center number  928-283-2501 or peds clinic number 928-283-2679 to get a SAME DAY appointment for a physical! 
We also offer COVID19 vaccinations in our clinic for eligible kids and parents and encourage everyone to get vaccinated prior to school opening.
Thanks and have a good summer.
Diana Hu, MD
Pediatrics/Epidemic response team:TCRHCC
MCH consultant: NAIHS