Restaurant Operations Part 2 | Tuba City Unified School District #15

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TCHS Sides-A-Palooza 2020

At the end of the Zoom cooking mashed potatoes last week, many students asked about some of the other dishes that they enjoy making during holidays and we came up with an idea. On November 24, your Culinary Arts teacher will be live stream cooking four recipes over the course of the day. Anyone interested may participate and I encourage family members and the community to get involved. I am always happy to answer any other food-related questions during the stream.

PowerTest Login Help

TCUSD Families: Here are the steps needed to log in to PowerTest and begin testing

Flu Shot Drive Thru

Open through end of November. 9AM-4PM DST. Click here for more information.

Letter to Families Re: Re-Opening Scenerios

We are working to build on the innovative solutions and systems that Tuba City Unified School District staff have created to support student learning and relationship building under conditions many of us never imagined.

MOWR Parent Notification

At TCUSD, our focus is on providing the best high-quality reading instruction to all students each day. Through a process called Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), all kindergarten through third grade students are screened for reading difficulties and characteristics consistent with dyslexia in the fall, winter, and spring using iSTEEP

TCUSD is unified in culture, technology and its commitment to education; every stakeholder is prepared to achieve a lifetime of personal, cultural, civic excellence and to enrich the community.