Tuba City Unified School District

Impacted by Covid-19?

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Coconino County Education Service Agency is excited to announce that K-12 students and families impacted by COVID-19 can now request wraparound services, such as groceries, lodging, and laundry. Families who have been impacted by a positive COVID-19 test since July 1, 2021, can fill out a request to be reimbursed for short-term lodging and/or laundry services as well as reimbursement or gift card for groceries. To receive reimbursement or a gift card, families must fill out the COVID-19 Wraparound Services Request and submit it along with receipts/proof of purchase for any reimbursement requests being made. Receipts/proof of payment are required for all reimbursements but not for gift card requests. For a printable form that can be submitted through email, please visit www.coconino.az.gov/K12COVID19. Questions can be directed to Alley Lano (alano@coconino.az.gov or 928-679-8060) or Kelly Donatell (kdonatell@coconino.az.gov or 928-679-8056).

Kelly Donatell
Professional Learning Coordinator
Pronouns: She/Her
Email: kdonatell@coconino.az.gov
Office: (928) 679-8056

Alley Lano
Community Relations Specialist
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers (What is this?)
Email: alano@coconino.az.gov
Office: (928) 679-8060


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