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Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.  No life ever grows great until the individual is focused, dedicated and disciplined. The time to begin developing discipline is today

What is JROTC?

JROTC is a Military sponsored program whose purpose is to train and build on each individual cadets’ character and life skills that are essential in the armed services and business world.

what jrotc is not

The course is not a military recruitment program.  Cadets who attend have no obligation to enter military service.  Neither is it a “boot camp” in which to send uncontrollable, disrespectful or apathetic youth..  A student must elect to attend and participate in this program.

who is eligible to participate?

Any student enrolled at Tuba City High school may join the program, but all candidates must be physically qualified or willing to participate in the rigorous physical training aspects of the program.

what is the cost to attend?

There is no cost to enroll in the program.  Cadets will be issued a number of uniforms which will be their responsibility to maintain and must be returned at the end of the school year.  Articles which are lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear will be replaced at the Cadet’s expense.

What are the benefits of participating?

This is an elective class which meets the graduation requirement for physical education.  Cadets are also provided an opportunity to assist in their community through Program sponsored “civic service” activities.

JROTC provides regular feedback on how well the Cadet is doing in the form of promotions and military type awards.

Additionally, many students indicate that friendships they make while a Cadet are some of the most steadfast associations they have while in high school.

Finally, while this is not a military recruitment program, some Cadets choose to serve our nation in a branch of the armed forces.  Those Cadets completing just two years of Junior ROTC can enter the service at the pay grade of E-2 (private first class) and if the Cadet stays all four years of high school in JROTC, some military services will promote them to the pay grade of E-3 (lance corporal).

What is required of cadets?

Cadets will be required to wear a military uniform at least once a week for the entire school day and maintain minimum acceptable grooming standards in everyday dress as well as uniform.  Male Cadets will be required to shave, maintain a military hair cut and will NOT be permitted to wear earrings.

The most important requirement is a cooperative attitude and willingness to attempt new experiences. Cadets who refuse to make an effort or are disobedient will be dropped from the program.

classes and activities

JROTC instructs a variety of classes and activities many of which are not normally available to the typical high school student but only to Cadets.  They include the following:

  • Citizenship
  • Leadership
  • Military Drill
  • Marksmanship
  • Land Navigation
  • Physical Training
  • Military Customs and Courtesies
  • Military History
  • Uniform Wear and Maintenance
  • Grooming Standards

Extracurricular Activities

Cadets who wish to participate in extracurricular activities have the following options from which to choose from:

  • Competition Drill Teams (Coed armed)
  • Color Guards (opportunities to perform exhibitions at school events or other “special events” which are asked of the program)
  • Competition Rifle Marksmanship Teams (Olympic style shooting)
  • Academics (weekly tests on knowledge and oral presentations on current events.  A study hall, where Cadets tutor and help one another.  Computer access is provided for Cadets after school)

The Instructors

The Marine Corps certifies the instructors for the MCJORTC program after close screening to ensure physical, mental and moral fitness and are hired by Tuba City Unified School District #15 to adminsiter the program.

Marine Instructor: Sergeant Major Johnson

Senior Marine Instructor Sergeant Major Johnson enlisted in the Marine Coprs on October 24, 1978.  His military occupation specialties were a (0341) Mortar Man, (0369) Infantry Unit Leader and (9999) 1stSgt / SgtMaj. During his 30 years of service, he has served worldwide in all four Marine Divisions.  After retiring in July 2008, he joined the Tuba City MCJORTC team in 2009.

Marine Instructor: Sergeant Major Witt

Marine Instructor Sergeant Major Duane Witt retired after 30 years in the Marine Corps.  His first Military occupation specialty (MOS) was a 1371 combat engineer for 19 years.  He then became an 8999, 1stSgt/SgtMaj.  He has served with 2nd Marine Division in Camp Pendleton, Miramar MCAS 4th Marine Aircraft Wing and 4th Marine Division in San Bruno.  He has been deployed in theater for the Gulf War in 1991 and in operation Iraqi Freedom 2003 & 2007.  He joined the Tuba City MCJROTC team in July 2013.

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