Tuba City Unified School District


Maurer, Dr. Terry

P: 928-283-1027

Butler, Ameretta

Board / Superintendent Secretary
P: 928-283-1006

Williams, Deborah

District Receptionist
P: 928-283-1076
Leah Begay

Begay, Leah

Business Manager
P: 928-283-1099
Jamie Acothley

Acothley, Jamie

Purchasing Clerk
P: 928-283-1012
Melinda Charley

Charley, Melinda

Payroll Clerk
P: 928-283-1004
Miranda Coin

Coin, Miranda

Student Accounting Clerk
P: 928-283-1000
Serena Whiterock

Whiterock, Serena

Acct. Payable Clerk
P: 928-283-1013

Holiday, Preston

Human Resources Director
P: 928-283-1005

Natonie, Melissa

HR Assistant Administrative
P: 928-283-1009
F: 928-283-1202

Glasgow, Delma

Federal Programs Director & Native Language Program Director
P: 928-283-1159

Nockideneh, Clarissa

Federal Programs & NLP Assistant
P: 928-283-1183

Bigman, Gloria

Student Parent Support Services Liaison / McKinney-Vento Liaison
P: 928.283.1183

Security Office Phone: 928-283-1190 | Security Cellphone 24/7 – (928) 679-0148

Contact on duty security cellphone after 5pm to 8am, and on weekends/holidays

ALL Emergencies – Contact Tuba City Police Department – (928) 283-3111 / 3112


Klein, David

Security Supervisor
P: 928-283-1053

Begay, Ray Lee

Security Officer
P: 928-283-1190

Bitsoui, Emerald

Security Officer
P: 928-283-1190

Lomayestewa, Clemenston

Security Officer
P: 928-283-1190

Parrish, Verna

Security Officer
P: 928-283-1190

Secody, Elfrederick

Security Officer
P: 928-283-1190

Secody, JR

Security Officer
P: 928-283-1190

Sloan, Emerson

Security Officer
P: 928-283-1190

Wilson, Kelly

Security Officer
P: 928-283-1190

Nez, Wayne SR.

Facilities Operation Director
P: 928-283-1093

Bahe, Roger

Maintenance Worker
P: 928-283-1140

Begay, Leonard

Maintenance Worker

Curtis, Robert

Maintenance Worker

Haskie, Gabriel

Maintenance Worker

Huskie, Steven

Maintenance Worker

Johnson, Frank

Maintenance Worker

Woody, Alex

Maintenance Worker
P: 928-283-1146

Yazzie, Nolan

Maintenance Worker

Crank, Terry L.

Maintenance Worker

Ben, Derek

Interim IT Director
P: 928.283.1108

Daniels, David

Technology Support Specialist
Desk – (928) 283-1106
Work Cell – (928) 606-8667

Beam, Logan

Technology Support Specialist (Onsite District Wide)
P: Desk - (928) 283-1104
P: Work Cell – (928) 640-0229

San Jose, Jinky

Technology Department Volunteer

Tendam, Sandra


Goldtooth, Mackenzie

Technology Support Specialist
Desk: 928-283-1103
Cell: 928-640-2599

Honahnie, Trisha

Begay, Arnold

Transportation Director
P: 928-283-1134

Scott, Phillip

Warehouse Supervisor
P: 928-283-1152

Elmer, Darrin

Inventory Clerk
P: 928-283-1000 Ex: 6150

Honahnie, Sonja

Warehouse Clerk
P: 928-283-1150
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