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Native Culture and Language Symposium 2021

Community Healing Through Culture & Language
“People With A Sense of Humor Have a Better Sense of Life”

Dr. Risha VanderWey

Introduction by TCUSD #15 Superintendent

TCUSD #15 Princesses

2021 TCUSD #15 Annual Culture & Language Symposium Introductions

“We would like to Thank the Tuba City Unified School District #15 Governing School Board for their support and dedication to the education of our students.”

Lee Tsinigine (President), Harriett Sloan-Carter, Sarah Adson, Ron Begay and JoAnne Todacheenie

James Bilagody

Flag Song (Dine’ Language)

Cultural Symposium 2021

Break-Out Sessions

Valencia Edgewater

Navajo Language Instructional Strategies and techniques for remote learning.

Talibah Begay

Motivational words of encouragement and entertainment.

Lyle Harvey

Storytelling utilizing Coyote Stories and real world scenerios – how youth may gain thinking skills.

James Bilagody

In Beauty We Will Walk: Kodo’o Ho’zhoo’ Dooleel
A realization to walk in beauty embraces excellence, self-reliance, & high self-esteem toward spiritual, emotional, cognitive & physical healthiness. Music, and the arts, restore Hozho, beauty, and hope. Establish a Hozho track record. Re-embrace your current world. And prepare for future inconsistencies.

2015 ADE Adopted World & Native Languages Standards Overview

Examining the new standards; Understanding Performance towards Proficiency Levels; Examining the  Modes of Communication; and Examining the Cultural Competencies.

ADE Webinar Implementing the World and Native Language Standards

Arizona Department of Education: Webinar devoted to outcome based teaching, assesments, cross curricular ties, etc.

Bruce Talawyma

Hopi Festival 2018 – The History of the Hopi

Bruce Talwyma gives a talk on the history and culture of the Hopi people and shows a short video on the Hopi way of life. This is the Second of two talks he gave on this day of the festival.

PBS Documentary: Strings on the Rez

Strings on the Rez is a documentary by Molly McBride featuring the collaborative work ETHEL did for 10 years with high school students on the Navajo Nation, under the Native American Composer Apprenticeship Project of the Grand Canyon Music Festival.

Damian Jones

Navajo Herbs that are used for the Well-being of our Navajo People

Cultural appropriation, “manufacturing consent”, the effects of big agriculture, culturally responsive pedagogy & Arizona policies regarding curriculum withh be discussed.

Lori Arviso Alvord, ASU

The ASU Libraries proudly presents fall 2015 installment of the Simon Ortiz and Labriola Center Lecture on Indigenous Land, Culture and Community

Rick Baker - Hopi Run

Coach Ricky Gene Baker gives a talk following a short film, Hopi Run, about the Hopi High School’s win of 27 straight state-wide championships for the long distance cross country run.

Eugene Talas - Hopi Fesitval 2018: Hopi Code Talkers

Eugene Talas gives a talk on Hopi veterans and the Code Talkers.  The code talkers came from several American Indian tribes, including the Hopi, and they provided unbroken code commubnications during wartime based on American Indian languages.

Fred Kabotie

Alternative History of America

Edward Kabotie gives an Alternative History of America, based on Hopi perspective.  His presentation is illustrated through origional songs and art created by himself and his father.


Short Clips Related to Native Cultures and Languages

Rare Audio of Indigenous Languages saved by invention 100 years later

Oldest Native American Footage Ever
Five Native American Languages
Hula – Preserving Native Hawaiian Language and Culture
Navajo Children Thrive in Native Language Immersion School
PSA-We are Our Language (Hopi & Navajo) 2004

TCUSD is unified in culture, technology and its commitment to education; every stakeholder is prepared to achieve a lifetime of personal, cultural, civic excellence and to enrich the community.