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CC916 Security Officer


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  1. Any combination equivalent to graduation from high school and sufficient training and experience to demonstrate the knowledge and abilities listed below.

REPORTS TO: Security Department Coordinator TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: 9 months

Job Goal

Under the direction of the Security Department Coordinator, patrols and monitors school and district housing campuses; maintains order, safety and security, to assure that students and staff are in compliance with school and District policies and regulations.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Patrol and monitor an assigned campus to maintain order, safety and security; lock/unlock doors of school facilities; monitor lunch areas (where assigned), walkways, restrooms and parking lots.
  2. When assigned, observe students during passing periods between classes, lunch and break period; assure timely return of students to class.
  3. Patrol and monitor assigned district housing compound to maintain order, safety and security; monitor streets, parking lots and accesses to and from district housing compound.
  4. Respond to classroom calls of disturbance, behavior problems or related situations; escort students to office for disciplinary action as necessary; prepare incident reports.
  5. Prevent student conflicts and fights according to established guidelines and intervene as necessary; advise students of consequences of violation of rules.
  6. Enforce school and District rules, regulations and policies for the safety and security of students, staff and property; report unusual activities or unauthorized persons on campus to appropriate personnel; communicate with local police department regarding students as needed. Prevent illegal parking and loitering on school grounds according to established District procedures; check vehicles for appropriate parking stickers; assist students with automobile problems.
  7. Assist in the investigation of illegal activities; search backpacks, cars and lockers for alcohol, weapons, drugs and drug paraphernalia and other related articles according to established procedures and District policies.
  8. Oversee student detention sessions after school (where applicable); complete proper documents and forms; counsel students and others concerning violations of rules and regulations. Maintain positive relationships with students, parents, staff and community; communicate with students and staff to provide and receive information regarding school activities.
  9. Operate a two-way-radio and communicate with school campuses,  law enforcement , emergency personnel, fire safety personnel and other security person; drive a vehicle and/or bicycle to conduct work as assigned.
  10. Communicate to students, parents or others in a designated second language as assigned by the position.

Working Conditions

  1. ENVIRONMENT: outdoor, seasonal heat and cold or adverse weather conditions; driving a vehicle to conduct work.
  2. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: standing or sitting for extended periods of time; walking or running over uneven surfaces; climbing stairs, seeing to monitor student behavior and assigned campus areas; hearing and speaking to exchange information in person or on a two-way radio.
  3. HAZARDS: contact with dissatisfied or abusive individuals; possible fights and confrontations.


Work is evaluated for effectiveness and conformance to general instructions, policies, rules and regulations through periodic discussion of performance, personal observations and review of reports. Performance will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Governing Board’s policy on evaluation of Classified Personnel

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