CC913 Academic Interventionist

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Tuba City Jr. High School Tuba City, AZ.
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  • A valid Arizona Elementary Teaching Certificate meeting the appropriate qualified requirements.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of best instructional practices and research based intervention practices delivered in a multi-tiered system of support such as RTI.
  • Reports to: building Principal
  • Work that demonstrates a sense of urgency and the relentless pursuit of high academic student achievement.
  • Reflective, self-aware and adaptable to communication and work style of others.
  • Critical thinker and problem solver who take initiative.
  • Belief in the power of collaboration and works to build a collaborative culture with community, staff, families and students.


  • To analyze assessment data and provide “real-time” push-in and pull-out research-based interventions in the core curricular areas, identifying students who are currently below grade level based analysis of DIBELS, STEEP and other assessment instruments such as PowerTest etc.
  • Work to create and enhance a culture of academic achievement and respect where high expectations and results are the norm.
  • Responsible for supporting teachers with demonstrating significant and measurable academic gains, each year, with the students they teach. Interventionist’s actions must always be aligned with our mission, vision, core values and education program.

Performance Responsibilities

  • Gather, organize and interpret assessment data on identified students.
  • Utilize best practice instructional strategies and research-based intervention curriculum materials to meet the learning needs of identified students.
  • Model the use of intervention strategies, through their use in the classroom, to general and special education teachers.
  • Analyze existing student achievement data and administer student assessment and progress monitoring instruments as needed to aid in progress monitoring of students.
  • Serve on the building level RTI team and participate in weekly RTI meetings and DIBELS/STEEP/PowerTest/AzMerit/AIMS data analysis meetings.  Provide leadership for these meetings in collaboration with the building administrator and SAT.
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers, building administrator and parents when designing the RTI interventions.
  • Maintain accurate student records, parent communications records and student progress data reports as required by Title 1 law and district policy.
  • Attend professional development opportunities that promote improved instructional strategies and support research-based resource material needed to implement the intervention program successfully and support/maintain professional growth.
  • Follow district guidelines and policies.
  • Maintain proper professional conduct as defined by district policy.
  • Perform other duties as deemed appropriate as assigned by the Building Administrator.
  • Keep in confidence all personal, student or personnel records and information.

Planning for Instruction

  • Modify the District curriculum under the direction of the teacher to differentiate instruction for students.
  • Develop differentiated instruction techniques to ensure students are appropriately engaged and challenged, as well as to accomodate various learning styles, personality styles, and the need for physical movement.

Delivery of Instruction

  • Implement the District’s curriculum to assigned students under the direction of the teacher; present academic content through a variety of instructional strategies to reach all learners.
  • Execute modifications in a student’s education plan that is required by an IEP, 504 Plan, bilingual education program and/or federal, state and municipal laws.
  • Provide many and varied opportunities for students to achieve mastery while working to promote achievement by all students without exception.


  • Provide corrective feedback to students and re-teach as necessary to ensure that students have mastered the objectives.
  • Assist with conducting formative and summative assessment as requested; assist with small group accommodations.
  • Use Data to inform teacher for updating each student’s individual Learning Plans and other education plans.
  • Participate in meetings (IEP meetings, grade level meetings, parent conferences) as requested.

Learning Environment

  • Work with teacher to create a focused environment of fairness and respect that encourages students to take risks and strive to reach goals.
  • Communicate and enforce high expectations and standards for behavior and academic performance.  Create a strong culture of achievement and respect.
  • Establish, model, practice and reinforce age-appropriate rules and logical consequences; create and consistently use individual behavioral management plans as needed.
  • Assist teacher with the implementation of classroom procedures, systems and routines that provide structure for students and maximize instructional time.

Family and Community Relations

  • Communicate respectfully and thoughtfully with parents/guardians remaining sensitive to different families’ cultures, values and needs.
  • Initiate and maintain timely communication with all parents/guardians as requested by the teacher (through daily/weekly folders, notes home, phone calls, in-person meetings, conferences) concerning student progress and to provide a clear picture of the curriculum and high expectations.
  • Work collaboratively with parent/guardians, families and other members of the community to involve them in academic activities and to support the success of a diverse student population and to bring in volunteers and additional resources.


  • Collaborate with colleagues (grade level and school-wide meetings, professional development days, the professional development institute) to continuously improve personal practice, classroom instruction, assessment and student achievement, as well as the overall goals and mission of the school and network.
  • Access meaningful learning experiences (current theory, research, and developments in relevant academic disciplines, professional development opportunities, and ideas from colleagues and supervisors) and exercise judgement in accepting findings as valid for application in classroom practice and teacher improvement.
  • Reflect critically upon teaching experience; identify areas for further professional development as part of a professional development plan that is linked to grade level, school, and network goals; access meaningful learning experiences and listen thoughtfully to other viewpoints and respond constructively to suggestions and criticism.
  • Use feedback to update Individual Professional Development Plan.
  • Fulfill all outlined and related functions professionally, timely and thoroughly.

Terms of Employment

This is a grant-funded position and as such, responsibilities for maintaining Time and Effort Reports and evidence to substantiate position will be required.

All employees are subject to a criminal background check. The Tuba City Unified School District is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in relation to race, color, religion, gender expression, sexual orientation, military status, age, national origin, or disability. Offers of employment, contingent upon funding.

The completed and signed Employment Application and all required documents must be submitted to the Human Resource Office by the close of business (5:00 PM) on or before the closing date specified on the Vacancy Announcement. All applications submitted by following methods must be signed to be acceptable. Unsigned applications will be deemed incomplete and will not be accepted. Submitting a signed application to replace the unsigned application at a later date is also not acceptable.

Employment applications can be delivered to the TCUSD Human Resource office by one of the following methods:

  • Hand delivered to TCUSD Human Resource, 67 Maple Street, TCUSD District Office Tuba City, AZ  86045.
  • Mailed via postal service and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date. Mail to: TCUSD Resource Box 67, Tuba City AZ 86045
  • Faxed to HR (928) 283-1202 and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date.
  • Email to HR Director or Administrative Assistant and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date.

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