CC774 Certified Bus Driver

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TCUSD Job BoardTuba City Unified School District.Tuba City AZ.
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Job Goal

To operate a school bus in transporting pupils and authorized personnel to and from schools and perform other related work as required. Keep school bus in a state of operating excellence that they present no problems or interruptions to the educational program; to provide safe and efficient transportation for all students.


  • One year of experience in operation of heavy duty vehicle including large-size diesel type vehicle, 40′ maximum.
  • High School graduate or GED diploma.
  • Commercial driver license, Class B with “P” endorsement.
  • School bus driver certifications.
  • Current First Aid with CPR card, good physical condition.
  • Demonstrate competence for all assigned responsibilities.

Term of Employment

9 months; 8 hours per day (or as directed and/or assigned)

Performance Responsibilities

  • Transports students to and from school as assigned.
  • Transports students to and from schools on all extra-curricular educational trips.
  • Maintain discipline when student and other passengers are on the bus.
  • Report all unusual behavior/undisciplined passengers to the proper authorities, principals and/or transportation supervisor.
  • Must know all National, State, local traffic laws for school bus operations.
  • Must know and observe all mandatory school bus safety rules and regulations for the state of Arizona per A.R.S.
  • Keep assigned bus clean and on schedule as directed.
  • Must perform C.D.L. required school bus pre-trip inspection before and after each operation for any mechanical defects.
  • Transports only authorized students and other passengers for the school district.
  • Report any unusual circumstances that may occur on the bus to the transportation supervisor and/or his designee.
  • Load and unload students only at designated and authorized bus stops.
  • Must be able to administer an emergency first aid and CPR as needed.
  • Must keep all mandatory reports for daily mileages and student count.
  • Must attend all continued safety training/meetings with transportation supervisor.
  • Must be knowledgeable in maintaining records of buses, vehicles, and servicing buses.
  • Performs other district-wide job related assignment as directed by the Transportation Supervisor.


Performance of this job will be evaluated twice each school year in accordance with provisions of the School Board’s policy on Evaluation of Classified Personnel.

The completed and signed Employment Application and all required documents must be submitted to the Human Resource Office by the close of business (5:00 PM) on or before the closing date specified on the Vacancy Announcement. All applications submitted by following methods must be signed to be acceptable. Unsigned applications will be deemed incomplete and will not be accepted. Submitting a signed application to replace the unsigned application at a later date is also not acceptable.

Employment applications can be delivered to the TCUSD Human Resource office by one of the following methods:

  • Hand delivered to TCUSD Human Resource, 67 Maple Street, TCUSD District Office Tuba City, AZ  86045.
  • Mailed via postal service and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date. Mail to: TCUSD Resource Box 67, Tuba City AZ 86045
  • Faxed to HR (928) 283-1202 and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date.
  • Email to HR Director or Administrative Assistant and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date.

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