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CC529 Gifted Teacher/Coordinator K-12

Tuba City Unified School District.Tuba City AZ.

Job Goal:

To provide the most appropriate and unique education for gifted students allowing each to reach his or her fullest potential while reaching self acceptance and high self esteem.


  1. Master’s degree in Elementary Education, Gifted Education or related areas
  2. Standard Elementary Certificate
  3. Gifted Endorsement by the State of Arizona
  4. At least 9 semester hours in a core area of non-education courses in math, science or social sciences
  5. 5 years experience in a gifted classroom or internship

Reports to:

Building Principal and Curriculum Director

Term of Employment:

9 months

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate testing and evaluation of students in the Gifted and Talented Program.
  2. Teach students identified as gifted in grades K-6. Develop cognitive abilities and fosters creativity and productivity among students. Provide all students with unique and appropriate studies and activities. Guide the student in developing a set of independent projects and aids them in research and product design.
  3. Evaluate student progress in all areas and make recommendations to the regular classroom teacher as to the most appropriate program for the student.
  4. Coordinate K-12 program for gifted and talented programs and act as a liaison between the various programs.
  5. Serve as a spokesperson and advocate for the gifted child and gifted education.
  6. Serve as a resource person and consultant in the area of gifted education.
  7. Provide in-service training or information in the identification of gifted children to all classroom teachers and in appropriate and unique instructional program for the gifted/accelerated classroom teachers.
  8. Work with parents of identified gifted children in development of the child’s education plan.
  9. Work with administrators to plan for improvements in the gifted education programs.
  10. Recommend psychological testing or counseling for gifted/talented students as needed.
  11. Develop a pool of mentors and community resources to assist with the education of gifted students.
  12. Complete Arizona State reporting requirements.


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Certified Personnel.

How To Apply:

Employment applications can be delivered to the TCUSD Human Resource office by one of the following methods:

  • Hand delivered to TCUSD Human Resource, 67 Maple Street, TCUSD District Office Tuba City, AZ  86045.
  • Mailed via postal service and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date. Mail to: TCUSD Resource Box 67, Tuba City AZ 86045
  • Faxed to HR (928) 283-1202 and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date.
  • Email to HR Director or Administrative Assistant and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date.

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