CC429 Social Worker

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  1. Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Social Work, or Psychology and a minimum of 12 credit hours of content emphasis in counseling.
  2. Knowledge and awareness of Native American cultures.
  3. Knowledge of various human services systems and operations.
  4. Must have a valid Arizona driver’s license and clean Division of Motor Vehicles record.
  5. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the school board may find appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO: Special Education Director



To assist special education students in resolving personal, emotional, and social problems that interfere with their adjustment to school and their capacity to enjoy the fullest benefits that they can receive from their education.


  1. Performs casework services with identified special education students as prescribed by their IEP to correct those personal, social, or emotional maladjustments related to their educational and social progress.
  2. Performs casework services with parents to increase the parent’s understanding of their constructive participation in resolving their child’s problems, and their knowledge and use of appropriate resources available.
  3. Consults and collaborates with school personnel in gathering and giving information on a case, and in establishing and planning for respective staff roles in the modification of the student’s behavior.
  4. Supervises referral of students to, and serves as a liaison with, such outside agencies as DES Child Welfare, Tribal Placement Agencies, Indian Health Services, Family Court, and Juvenile Court as appropriate.
  5. Makes home visits for the purposes of gathering helpful information on a student’s background.
  6. Serves as liaison between home and school when considerable follow-up is necessary, as in welfare cases, foster home children, residential group homes, and residential treatment placements.
  7. Keeps sufficient records of casework for use by school staff members and outside agencies when appropriate.
  8. Assists with the training, monitoring end-documentation of appropriate practices and procedures as they relate to Medicaid in the Public Schools (MIPS).

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.

The completed and signed Employment Application and all required documents must be submitted to the Human Resource Office by the close of business (5:00 PM) on or before the closing date specified on the Vacancy Announcement. All applications submitted by following methods must be signed to be acceptable. Unsigned applications will be deemed incomplete and will not be accepted. Submitting a signed application to replace the unsigned application at a later date is also not acceptable.

Employment applications can be delivered to the TCUSD Human Resource office by one of the following methods:

  • Hand delivered to TCUSD Human Resource, 67 Maple Street, TCUSD District Office Tuba City, AZ  86045.
  • Mailed via postal service and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date. Mail to: TCUSD Resource Box 67, Tuba City AZ 86045
  • Faxed to HR (928) 283-1202 and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date.
  • Email to HR Director or Administrative Assistant and must be received by HR at close of business on or before closing date.

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