Arizona Free Wifi

The locations on this map represent free public WiFi hotspots at public libraries, schools, businesses, and other sites. Some sites may offer indoor public access during business hours, others provide access in the parking lot only. Everyone using the sites – outside or inside – is encouraged to practice social distancing precautions, including staying in your vehicle or at least six feet from other users and wearing a mask if necessary.

More Areas

-TC Pavilion
>SSID: NTUA Free Wifi.
PW: OPEN (No password)

-Gap Chapter Wifi for Student Use
Monday-Friday 8:00am-7:30pm
Wifi name: Edu Roam
Password: HEDStudent

-TC Public Library
-Dine College
-TC Chapter House
-TC Fairgrounds
-Dzil Libei ES (Cameron)
-Coal Mine Chapter House
-Kykotsmovi Peace Academic Center

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